In Verbania two days of innovation!

In Verbania two days of innovation!

Verbania for 2 days became town of innovation and I had the honour to take part into it as speaker.

In that conferences room there were many people coming from all over Italy who brought technological innovation into all sorts of fields.

verbania innovation valeria cagnina speaker

I told, together with Leonardo Falanga, about my future projects and my robotics courses for children and young people next Summer: fun, digital, tech, but not only. We’ll sleep in a tent, too!

verbania innovation valeria cagnina speaker

The EduMaker project

In Verbania I met again two professors who are bringing innovation to Apulia, both at adidactics level and instruments used: Mimmo Aprile and Paola Lisimberti. They created a project, “EduMaker”, which makes the learning a funny, interesting and absolutely not boring moment, both for children and teachers.

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verbania innovation paola lisimberti and mimmo aprile with the edumaker project

A methodology which puts really the students at the centre and I like it very much. Of course, for this reason they are often criticized…but…you know…this is the destiny of people who innovate in!

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Mimmo Aprile and Paola Lisimberti make hope for a better school, illustrating how the price of the self-esteem school destroys isn’t paid only by the youngsters, but also by the whole community!

verbania innovation paola lisimberti and mimmo aprile with the edumaker project

They explained how people have to overcome the idea that the contents create skills alone and that to do really innovation is necessary to learn working with the young people of the desk at the back of the room!

verbania innovation ernesto belisario innovate in the pa

Innovation in the PA (Public Administration)

There was also Ernesto Belisario, I’ve been following him on the social for a lot of time, but for the first time I had the chance to listen to him live.

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He is a lawyer and tells about how PA can be innovated and made it digital to help both us as citizens and the PA workers. His speech about the denied digital’s rights was Very precise.

verbania innovation valeria cagnina robot

He explained how PA always makes recurring mistakes in the digital field. The user calls: “Did you receive my PEC I sent 5 days ago?” –“No, it has to be printed in the other office.”

verbania innovation valeria cagnina robot

Bot and collaborations with schools

It’s always very interesting to listen to Piersoft that through his bot makes life easier in many different fields.

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He explained how school can be a resource for the PA to quicken processes. How? Through the school-work alternation hours. He collaborated to these projects, for example mapping in real time all the productive activities of a municipality.

verbania innovation piersoft bot pa youngsters alternation

In other projects the school-work alternation hours were used by students to census the municipality’s architectural features that deny access to handicapped people and to create useful apps!

He explained how datas alone cannot be used and how youngsters bring solutions – through their own skills – that can be used again somewhere else.

verbania innovation valeria cagnina leonardo falanga mimmo aprile paola lisimberti

“Knowledge is stratified. You are able to talk because someone before you invented the Italian language and the numbers we use are Arabian!”

It came out how data design are and will be among the most requested jobs in the next 10 years!

Also some students of a technical institute in Verbania told about their own story: they took part into several robotics competitions, leaving from Italy and arriving as far as international competitions with their robots dancing and playing football.  Cobianchi Institute and Elettra Robotics Lab.

verbania innovation valeria cagnina leonardo falanga mimmo aprile paola lisimberti lunch

A quick lunch break and the second part of the day took place searching for some possible solutions to improve the PA (Public Administration), the school and the motorways of the future.

verbania innovation mental maps fedele congedo

Mental maps and brain storming

Everything by a very interactive and participating way thanks to the mental maps by Fedele Congedo: through few lines on these thousand colours panels is able to sum at the best the several interventions and the different opinions.

verbania innovation mental maps fedele congedo

The infrastructures to link to the world today are telematic and not only the old railways!

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In the evening a quick raid into the collateral events organized for children and youngsters.

verbania innovation massimiliano aiello claudio danna leonardo falanga valeria cagnina

It was a day really rich in interesting speeches. Once again the several professionals brought to the attention of the public and the “mass” concepts and aspects that usually are reserved to the experts or who – like me – is bewitched by digital.

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A very good “bravo!” to Oscar Badoino who organized all this and a particular thank you for the invitation!

verbania innovation valeria cagnina leonardo falanga oscar badoino fedele congedo

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