Press Valeria Cagnina and Francesco Baldassarre

In this section – Press Valeria Cagnina and Francesco Baldassarre –  I tried to gather all my interventions, events, quotes and appointments concerning the technological field.

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Press Valeria Cagnina and Francesco Baldassarre

Press Year 2018

Modena Biblioteca Delfini (17 novembre 2018) – … Ha fodanto con Francesco Baldassarre Play, Make, Learn, azienda di robotica che progetta attività per bimbi piccoli che partono dai 3 anni fino ad arrivare ad adulti e perfino insegnanti. Ha dichiarato: “Il nostro obiettivo è quello di stravolgere il mondo dell’education… continua a leggere

FuturoRemoto (30 ottobre 2018) – … Città della Scienza a Napoli, il nostro video per invitare i ragazzi all’evento del 8 e 9 novembre ‘Tre generazioni a confronto’…continua a leggere (30 ottobre 2018) – … Ed ancora il seminario Incontriamo la Robotica! con Valeria Cagnina (lunedì 5 novembre, ore 17.00, Spazio Oberdan)…continua a leggere

Mente Locale (23 ottobre 2018) – … Piccolo Grande Cinema 2018, festival internazionale delle nuove generazioni (…) il seminario Incontriamo la Robotica! con Valeria Cagnina (lunedì 5 novembre, ore 17.00, Spazio Oberdan)…continua a leggere

Wired (20 ottobre 2018) – … ‘Niente è impossibile’ e ‘learn by doing’ sono tra i principi base della scuola, come Valeria Cagnina ha raccontato a Wired. Dai bambini di 3 anni ai manager d’azienda, ecco come giochi e attività di gruppo possono insegnare coding e robotica…. continua a leggere

Meccanica Plus (17 ottobre 2018) – … ci saranno anche la diciassettenne Valeria Cagnina (Maker and Robotics Teacher, già speaker a 14 anni al TEDxMilanoWomen, al CNR di Pisa, al Senato della Repubblica, all’opening conference della Maker Faire Rome 2015 e Senior Tester, a 15 anni, al MIT di Boston presso il dipartimento di Robotica) e il ventiseienne Francesco Baldassarre (esperto di Blockchain, IA e Machine Learning): i due ragazzi intratterranno….continua a leggere

La Stampa (14 ottobre 2018) – … L’alessandrina esperta di inn ovazione e robotica Valeria Cagnina è stata scelta da Cisco fra le 9 storie che rappresentano il futuro d’Italia. Oggi – racconta – sono co-founder con il mio socio Francesco Baldassarre di “Play, Make, Learn”, azienda di robotica che progetta attività per bimbi piccoli che partono dai 3 anni fino ad arrivare ad adulti e perfino insegnanti….continua a leggere

Cartabiancanews (12 ottobre 2018) – … tra i protagonisti di questa edizione di BOOM (…) Valeria Cagnina e Francesco Baldassarre giovani talenti della robotica…continua a leggere

Affaritaliani (October 11th, 2018) – …The big guests of the event will be the 17 years old Valeria Cagnina, Maker and Robotics Teacher, already speaker (…) and Senior Tester, at 15, at Boston MIT in the Robotics department, and the 25 years old Francesco Baldassarre, blockchain experts, AI and Machine Learning…continua a leggere

Hello Future Cisco (October 10th, 2018) – … 9 stories about the protagonists of today and tomorrow. Thanks to their intuition, passion and determination they succeed to create new professions and to live the working world in a new way…continue to read

Connected Manufacturing Forum (9 ottobre 2018) – … The great guests of the preview will be 17-year-old Valeria Cagnina, Maker and Robotics Teacher, already a speaker when she was 14 years old, at TEDxMilanoWomen, at CNR in Pisa, at the Senate of the Republic, at the opening conference of Maker Faire Rome 2015 and Senior Tester when she was 15 years old, at the MIT in Boston at the Robotics department, and the twenty-six-year-old Francesco Baldassarre, an expert in Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning…continua a leggere

Mediterranews (5 settembre 2018) – …In serata gli incontri con Valeria Cagnina, 17enne di Alessandria che ha fondato una sua scuola per insegnare ai ragazzini a programmare i robot,…continua a leggere

Gente d’Italia (August 9th, 2018) – …Headmaster of a school at 17: Valeria teaches to build “robots”. Valeria Cagnina lives in San Michele, an hamlet near Alessandria: she doesn’t feel herself a “genius” but she believes that nothing is impossible…continue to read

Duckietown (6 agosto 2018) – …We host a guest post by Valeria Cagnina, who had the luck to meet our team very early – in fact, when the first Duckietown was still being built – and she helped with the tape!…continua a leggere

La Stampa (August 1st, 2018) – …High School graduation as private, schools from half-Italy now follow Valeria:”Come studying to us!”. From Ascoli to Taranto, from Padova to the near Valenza (but where there isn’t her study course) many head teachers and professors want the ex digital champion…continue to read

Itanews (July 31st, 2018) – …Ingenious student, but with too many absences at school. The case of Valeria Cagnina. Valeria Cagnina, 17 years old, is a little technology star, She was digital champion and then she became a robotics expert, so young already, to arrive to Boston MIT. In Italy and abroad she is presented like guest star in every important technology and innovation events. International stages, important scientific meeting and a pedigree like a true genie of the future…continue to read

Innovation Post (July 31st, 2018) – …At school of robotics with Valeria Cagnina. When learning is funny, you can learn more easily. And it applies also to robotics. The mission of Valeria Cagnina, 17 yo, from Alessandria, is teaching to kids and teens that you can learn by playing. So, she opened her school, in which she offers robotics courses. In this field Cagnina was a real “enfant prodige”…continue to read

Faccecaso (July 31st, 2018) – …Ingenious stend, but too many absences at school. The Valeria Cagnina case. Valeria, high school student and robotics expert, it was seen to lower their grades from the school for the absences. How con you combine the two things? What happends when you are a genie, robotics expert, but just this aspect leads you don’t go to school? Or the High School where you study tries to comprehends you, analyzing the reasons of the minor school presence…continue to read (July 30th, 2018) – …Robotic genie at 17 years old but too many absences: the school lowers the votes. Valeria Cagnina at 17 is already an ace in the tech field. Travel Blogger when she was in the Middle School, she developed robotics and tech projects and she participated at the Maker Faire Rome and attended an MIT universitary program. At 11 yo, even, she already built her firs robot…continue to read

La Stampa (July 29th, 2018) – …6 in Maths, 6 in TLC, 7 in behavior. Only 8 in informatics, not a good vote for a girl that projected her first robot at 11 years old. And the perspective of not being admitted to the final exam “with all these absences”. Here some of the reasons why Valeria Cagnina decided to take her GED. She will present herself, in June, studying alone. No one knows yet where…continue to read

Blits Quotidiano (July 19th, 2018) – …Enel, We Are Energy 2018: rewarded the winners of the international competition for the employees’ sons. The event was presented by the radio conductor Filippo Solibello together with the very young robotics student Valeria Cagnina…continue to read (July 5th, 2018) – …Interview to Valeria Cagnina (17 yo): Robot, Education, Boston MIT and TEDx! Valeria at 11 her first robot, at 14 her first TEDx talk, at 15 her first experience at Boston MIT. Now that she is old, like she says, at only 17 has started her own robotics school and she teaches around Italy and the world to 3 years old kids upwards and also to professional adults in the field!…continue to read

Cogitoetvolo (July 27th, 2018) – …”Valeria Cagnina and the passion for the robotics that brought her to the Boston Mit. She projected a robot at only 11 years old and she opened a school to teach coding to kids and adults… continue to read

Lavoradio (July 5th, 2018) – … “we tell about the heavy “j’accuse” of Valeria Cagnina to the italian school, too busy to standardize rather than bring out talented people… continue to read

RDS Radio Dimensione Suono (June 27th, 2018) – …”The forgotten school and the Valeria Cagnina’s protest” a podcast by Riccardo Luna on RDS… continue to read

Millionaire (June 27th, 2018) – …Valeria, 17 years old and a robotics school for everyone: “First rule? Nothing is impossible!”. Speaking about her dreams for the future, Valeria said to us:”I’d like to have a company in the education field, with an innovative method of teaching using robotics and technologies.” Here, today that project was reality. Together with her company partner Francesco Baldassarre, 25 years old, Valeria has set up a real company… continue to read

Il Sole 24 Ore (June 25th, 2018) – …17 years are enough to revolutionize school (with coding and robots). Being a “dreamer” at 17 years old could seem simple. But if you realized your first robot at 11 years old, watching an english video on Youtube, and six years later you have founded a school where you organize robotics and tech courses, “being a dreamer” takes another meaning…continue to read (June 22nd, 2018) – …On her back there’s written “Dreamer”. The future, for her, is a world made of new technologies and robots, and she says that “the young people have to be aware of the future, for being protagonists on it, my robotics school needs also to this”…continue to read

Futura News (June 22nd, 2018) – …and Valeria Cagnina, a very young italian scientist involved in robotics at Boston MIT…continue to read

Il Piccolo Video (22 giugno 2018) – …Sulla schiena ha scritto “dreamer”, “sognatrice”. Il futuro, per lei, è un mondo fatto di nuove tecnologie e robot, e “i giovani devono essere consapevoli di quanto li aspetta per essere protagonisti del futuro, la mia scuola di robotica serve anche a questo”…continua a leggere

Torino Today (June 18th, 2018) – …Intesa San Paolo OGR Turin. The capability of protecting the world has a lot to do with the new generations future: Valeria Cagnina, class 2001, built her first robot at 11 yo. At 13 she became the youngest Digital Champion of Italy. Now the young scientist dreams about revolutionizing education through technology and robotics…continue to read

SocialMediaTorino (07 giugno 2018) – …Poi ho scoperto Valeria Cagnina. Classe 2001 (improvvisamente sento un reumatismo alla spalla), appassionata di robotica, tutt’altro che bambocciona: hanno parlato dei suoi progetti tech su Ansa, in Rai e al MIT…continua a leggere (June 4th, 2018) – …A school for “tech dreamers”. Interview – At 11 yo she built her first robot, at 15 she spent the summer at Boston MIT, at…continue to read

EppursimuoveVerbania (26-27 maggio 2017) – Valeria Cagnina Classe 2001, appassionata di robotica ha costruito da sola il primo robot a 11 anni, menzionata tra le 100 donne che contano di più in Italia nel digitale… continua a leggere

TV2000 (May 18th, 2018) – …Valeria Cagnina, 16 years old, a well known face in the digital world. Travel blogger when she was younger, then she developed interesting robotics and tech projects and she participated at the Maker Faire Rome and she was involved in MIT universitary project. In Alessandria, where she lives, she created a classroom where she teaches to kids and guys how to learn science having fun…continue to read

Museopaleontologico (15 maggio 2018) – …accedere ai laboratori guidati da Valeria Cagnina e Carlo Fiori: “Cercheremo di recuperarli…continua a leggere

Ated4kids (May 11th, 2018) – …At his 5th edition with the participation of 92 guys, of which 26% girls, it was a real success…continue to read

Sempione News (May 10th, 2018) – …Entrepreneurs, researchers, students: some already established in their field, like Valeria Cagnina, a 17-years-old-promise of global robotics…continue to read

Elis (May 8th, 2018) – …Interview on female robotics…continue to read

PHD Italy (May 3rd, 2018) – …Valeria, education and robotics: my school shaped for the dreamers. You can’t say “I can’t do it”, says Valeria, maker and robotics teachers that invites her peers to go beyond stereotypes…continue to read

Enel Girls in ICT (27 aprile 2018) – …Contro il gender gap Enel organizza il Girls in ICT Day, l’iniziativa che sposa la giornata internazionale del 26 aprile sostenuta da tutti gli stati membri dell’ITU (International Telecommunication Union) con lo scopo di indirizzare le ragazze verso i settori tecnico-scientifici…..continua a leggere

SME Gravesano (26 aprile 2018) – …Niente è impossibile e nella sua scuola è vietato dire “Non ce la faccio”: solo con determinazione, impegno, fatica e duro lavoro si possono realizzare i sogni e raggiungere  gli obiettivi più ambiziosi….continua a leggere

Elle (16 aprile 2018) – …Valeria Cagnina, 17 anni, studentessa, maker e insegnante di coding e robotica. Non è nemmeno maggiorenne, ma ha un curriculum vitae che mette le vertigini…continua a leggere

Meteo Web (12 aprile 2018) – …il tema dei diritti umani con Tawakkol Karman, premio Nobel yemenita e la robotica per ragazzi dell’enfant prodige Valeria Cagnina…continua a leggere

Roma Today (10 aprile 2018) – …Tra i protagonisti ci sarà anche la sedicenne Valeria Cagnina, l’enfant prodige alessandrina che a 11 anni ha costruito il suo primo robot, a 13 è stata la più giovane Digital Champion italiana e nel 2017 ha aperto una scuola estiva di robotica per ragazzicontinua a leggere

FocusRoma (03 aprile 2018) – …Piccoli geni da crescere. Valeria Cagnina, dell’alessandrino, ha costruito un robot a 11 anni e due stagioni dopo è stata la più giovane Digital Champion d’Italia. A 14 anni è stata invitata al TEDxMilanoWomen e…continua a leggere

Langhe Roero Monferrato (07 febbraio 2018) – …Spazio ai saperi e al divertimento sabato 10 febbraio, al Paleontologico s’imparerà a costruire volpi interattive e ad atterrare sulla luna. La robotica entra al Museo Paleontologico e attende bambini e ragazzi sabato 10 febbraio….continua a leggere (January 10th, 2018) – …Valeria has a beautiful story, not only for her passion but also because she is the future herself. Valeria is 16yo, attended the 4th year of the High School, and after the final exam she wants to attend the Engineering at University. But Valeria is already the founder of a school where she teaches robotics from 3 yo children…continue to read

FashionTimes (05 gennaio 2018) – …A sedici anni Valeria Cagnina insegna robotica a tecnologia a bambini, ragazzi e adulti. Nella sua scuola non ci sono i banchi. La parola d’ordine è divertirsi…continua a leggere

Press Year 2017

Futureland (6 dicembre 2017) – …Milano – Talent Garden Calabiana – I laboratori di robotica di Valeria Cagnina…continua a leggere

Forbes (4 dicembre 2017) – …senior tester del Dipartimento di Robotica del Mit di Boston, dove ha lavorato alla costruzione di un robot autonomo in grado di muoversi da solo all’interno di una città simulata. Valeria Cagnina adesso di anni ne ha soltanto 16 e lo scorso weekend ha tenuto lezioni di robotica davanti a una platea di bambini, ai quali ha insegnato a realizzare Strandbeest…continua a leggere

Maker Faire Rome (1 dicembre 2017) – …Lo Strandbeest è una creatura fantastica che potrebbe popolare le spiagge del futuro. È un robot che si muove con la sola forza del vento. Entra nel nostro magico mondo e vieni a costruirne uno con noi…continua a leggere

Il Messaggero (1 dicembre 2017) – …Da non perdere anche la conferenza dell’ex ministro Maria Chiara Carrozza “Noi e i robot” e, per i più piccoli, le lezioni della più giovane insegnante di robotica d’Italia: si chiama Valeria Cagnina e ha solo 16 anni…continua a leggere

Mamamo (28 novembre 2017) – …Concludiamo la nostra carrellata di donne con Valeria Cagnina, per la quale la parola donna forse è ancora un po’ prematura: è giovanissima, classe 2001, ma di cose ne ha già combinate parecchie, e per capirlo basta scorrere le citazioni, gli articoli, i siti in cui si parla di lei!…continua a leggere

RSI Radio Svizzera Italiana – Millevoci (November 20th, 2017) – …we opened the Millevoci week starting from changes that is going now around the job world, especially in the relationship between company and employees.. …continue to read

Il Monferrato (November 20th, 2017) – … At the opening of new tech laboratory of middle school “Dante” was speaker Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Alessandria maker. 16yo and a passion for robotics and computer science…continue to read

Scuola Media Dante di Casale (AL) (November 18th, 2017) – …At the opening conference the youngest Alessandria maker was speaker, Valeria Cagnina of 16yo is a robotics teacher…continue to read

GithubConstellation (November 16th, 2017) – …Valeria Cagnina is 16. She discovered her passion for robotics at age 11 when she built her first obstacle-avoiding robot with Arduino by watching a Youtube video that avoid obstacles. At 14 she was speaker in a TEDx. …continue to read

Futureland (November 8th 9th, 2017) – …Valeria Cagnina is 16yo, she is a maker and a robotics teacher, tech and travel blogger. Her story started at 11yo in Milan when… continue to read

Salone dello Studente (November 8th, 2017) – …Rome Fair – Workshop Zone – 3D laboratory with Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Digital Champion and Senior Tester in Boston MIT… continue to read

Coderdojo Coolest Projects (4 novembre 2017) – …Milano – Fabbrica del Vapore – Valeria Cagnina – Maker e Robotics Teacher
Impossible…no I’m possible! … continua a leggere

AGI Blog Millennials (October 25th ,2017) – …The school that has a school principal of 16yo. I learnt in MIT: the better way to learn is doing it by having fun. My courses for kids and teens from 3 to 14yo, in Alessandria, of robotics and technology are inspired by this… continue to read

Aru-sa (12 ottobre 2017) – …Lugano – Non c’è più il futuro di una volta – Valeria Cagnina — Maker, insegnante di robotica, tech e travel blogger… continua a leggere

AGI Blog Millennials (September 30th, 2017) – …Smartphone in schools if you are 16yo. The problem isn’t for us students but for adults. They are not able to integrate technology in their lessons to transform them in less boring activities, or to trasmit passion. The Prohibitions are useless, it’s necessary only education… continue to read

Quotidiano Piemontese (September 22nd, 2017)  – …In Alessadria is a girl to teach innovation, Valeria Cagnina organizes educative robotics workshop, not only in schools and in aftershool programs, but also online…continue to read

Women Speakers (September 18th, 2017)  – …Women Speakers, find your speakers. Never again conferences, events or panel with only man like speakers. Any topic Any topic has your event, we can find women speakers who can tell and discuss it… continue to read

Azienda Universitario Ospedaliera Università Pisana (September 14th, 2017)  – …for the category Special Mention, intended for young women who have been distinguished in the field of educational robotics, Valeria Cagnina, maker and Robotics teacher. To give him the award Stefania Saccardi, lawyer for health, welfare and social-health integration of the Tuscany Region… continue to read

Festival Internazionale della Robotica (September 14th, 2017) – …for the category Special Mention, intended for young women who have been distinguished in the field of educational robotics, Valeria Cagnina, maker and Robotics teacher. To give him the award Stefania Saccardi, lawyer for health, welfare and social-health integration of the Tuscany Region… continue to read

Go News (September 15th, 2017) – …for the category Special Mention, intended for young women who have been distinguished in the field of educational robotics, Valeria Cagnina, maker and Robotics teacher. To give him the award Stefania Saccardi, lawyer for health, welfare and social-health integration of the Tuscany Region… continue to read

La Stampa (July 22nd,2017)- …Valeria Cagnina has invented a summer robotic camp for children from 5 to 14 yo. She has only 16. The idea was born by a request of a mother who enrolled her son at one of the robotics courses that the girl (in turn, enrolled at Volta di Alessandria Institute, but already with an experience at MIT in Boston… continue to read

LincMagazine (July 21st,2017) – …In a summer camp Valeria Cagnina, most young  italian digital champion, teaches robotics at children… continue to read

diAlessandria (July 20th,2017) – …Valeria is young, studying computer science at Volta, wants to do computer engineering and has the passion for robotics, has already distinguished in this field, has been at Boston’s Mill, Cnr, in Brussels with her inventions, in oratory teaches… continue to read

Redattore Sociale (June 22nd, 2017) – …Valeria Cagnina – sharing the same passions – has been selected by MIT in Boston for a Summer Camp… continue to read

Millionaire  (May 4th, 2017) – From Alessandria as far as MIT in Boston: Valeria, 16 years old maker… continue to read (20 aprile 2017) –  Ceo & founder made for school; Alberto Mazzieri, sales manager Facebook Italia; Valeria Cagnina, travel blogger e digital ambassador… continua a leggere

IlComizio (20 aprile 2017) – Alberto Mazzieri, sales manager Facebook Italia; Valeria Cagnina, travel blogger e digital ambassador. Interverranno anche… continua a leggere

Maratona Digitale  (April 20th, 2017) – Among the speakers there’s Valeria Cagnina, Travel Blogger and Digital Ambassador… continue to read

Salone dello Studente  (April 20th, 2017) – Among the speakers there’s Valeria Cagnina, Travel Blogger and Digital Ambassador… continue to read

Le Professioni del Futuro  (March 23rd, 2017) – Valeria Cagnina, hosts Le Professioni del Futuro. Year 2001: student, speaker, blogger… continue to read

Il Tirreno Toscana  (March 23rd, 2017) – Job of the future? Do like me, build the first robot when you are 11… continue to read

Leading Myself (February 17th 2017) – Aerials, catch the change’s signals. Valeria Cagnina, very young maker and travel blogger… continue to read

GovJam (2017) – And we arrive to make Experimental Box that is a box that people can find around the public places and learn something by doing the fun activities inside… continue to read

Press Year 2016

3rd Way Digital  (November 24th , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina is 15, she’s a maker and a travel blogger. When she was 11 she took part into the Coderdojo Milan. Here she ran into a digital plant realized… continue to read

Strettoweb  (November 22nd, 2016) – With a lot of optimisms Tucci has told about Valeria Cagnina and Jacopo Guedado Mele’s stories, examples of very young makers who tell us how many things…continue to read…continue to read

SkyTg24  (November 21st , 2016) – On SkyTG24 the story of Valeria 15 years old. From the Italian province they arrived as far as MIT in Boston to take part into… continue to read

Linc Magazine  (November 18th , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina is one of the young people Italy focus on to not be cut off the digital innovation… continue to read  (November 15th , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina, Digital Ambassador of ManpowerGroup – “then in the meantime you can learn English, since all the… continue to read

Donna Moderna  (November 13th , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina, 16 years old, Italian Digital Champion, have chatted with Annalisa Monfreda, Donna Moderna manager… continue to read

Forum HR Milano 2016  (November 17th , 2016) – I am a maker fond of robotics, I like everything concerning technology. I built my first robot alone following the videos… continue to read

Quotidiano Piemontese  (November 2016) – Valeria Cagnina from Alessandria, 15 years old, won the HAI Talent Award during the Human Age Institute Foundation presentation of the novelties about digital… continue to read

MondoErre  (November 2016) – Valeria Cagnina is only 15, but she’s already expert on robotics and artificial intelligence. By her own hands she built a surprising robot, then she won a series of competitions… continue to read

SMAU Milan 2016 – Radio Gold  (October 28th , 2016) – The young Valeria Cagnina from Alessandria has received the HAI Talent Award during the presentation… continue to read

Maker Faire Rome 2016 – La Stampa  (October 20th , 2016) – And there was also Alessandria, thanks to Valeria Cagnina (the digital champion of Alessandria Municipality) and a few students of the technical institute… continue to read

Alessandria Magazine  (October 12th  , 2016) – So among the guests there will be two youngsters: Valeria Cagnina, digital champion of Alessandria Municipality and fond of technology,… continue to read

Fashioncamp  (September 16th , 2016) – Maker fond of robotics, she likes all what concerns the innovative world. She built her first robot… continue to read

I mille  (June 22nd , 2016) – What the story of Valeria Cagnina tells us, a young makers who dream to become robotics engineers who showed the world all the beauty of the internet era… continue to read

Wired  (June 17th , 2016) – I met Valeria Cagnina. I am her mentor and the literature and a bit the character she created by herself want  her as the youngest Italian Digital Champion… continue to read

Corriere della Sera Innovazione  (16 giugno 2016) – Valeria ha un profilo Linkedin che farebbe invidia a molti professionisti. Esperienze all’estero, docenze, certificazioni, Valeria però è del 2001… continua a leggere 

Repubblica delle Idee – RNext  (June 9th , 2016) – On the stage of Maxxi D Space in Rome, together with Riccardo Luna, 15 stories of young innovators. From minute 21.45… continue to read

StartupItalia  (May 28th , 2016) – Valeria, 15 years old, chosen by MIT: “Our fairytale among Italy, Facebook and the USA.” The story of two very young Italian makers who have been selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a summer camp where they’ll learn to create a start-up… continue to read

Coding e dintorni  (May 23rd , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina, Maker, Blogger, Coderdojo Alessandria. Team Speaker and Mentor: speaker Valeria Cagnina… continue to read

Irpinia24  (May18th , 2016) – Avellino. Fourth workshop about coding e dintorni. The young makers have the floor. Two young Italian makers who in their simplicity will tell us the great things they are realizing. They are Valeria Cagnina… continue to read

TAG Innovation School  (May 17th , 2016) – On the #TAGopenight stage we met Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Italian Digital Champion and student of TAG Innovation School mentorship program for young talent… continue to read

Avvenire  (May 11th , 2016) – Presentation of the TAG School Innovation…Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Italian Digital Champion, will tell how change the world through robotics,… continue to read

Miracolo Italiano – RAI Radio 2  (May 8th 2016) – …From minute 5.33 The miracle is Valeria Cagnina, 15 years old, the youngest Digital Champion in Europe who together with the other champion gave birth to two twin robots… continue to read

Italian Internet Day – RAI (April 29th , 2016) – … TG1 special live from CNR in Pisa to celebrate the 30th birthday from the first Italian internet linking. I am on the stage as speaker among the greatest names of the Italian web… continue to read

La Vita in Diretta – RAI (April 27th , 2016) – …From minute 17.52 a very beautiful report by Giulia Nannini about me and Valeria. About our robots, our passions and our projects… continue to read

StartUpItalia (March 31st , 2016) – … We built a robot on Skype (challenging who told it was impossible). She is from Alessandria, 15 years old. He is 17, from Nocera Inferiore. They met at the Maker Faire Rome and together they decided to take part into the RomeCup 2016. They built a robot 800km far from each other and they arrived in the top 10 of the robotics national competitions. “The podium? We have already won like that”… continue to read

Il Napolista (March 23rd , 2016) – … has built together with Valeria Cagnina a robot which has been presented at the RomeCup for the category “Robot Explorer senior”, a competition among robots which had to… continue to read

La Stampa (March 22nd , 2016) – Valeria the teenager creating twin robots on Skype. She is 15, from Alessandria, he is 17, from Nocera: they are united by the passion for the Information Technology… continue to read

Ossola News (March 21st , 2016) – Valeria Cagnina as guest at IperLibro. The young girl from Alessandria has told how a robot is born. Build a robot which recognizes autonomously the obstacles, recognizes the signals and moves in a delimited carriage. This is the ambitious project that the very young Valeria Cagnina… continue to read

La Stampa (March 18th , 2016) – At the RomeCup robotics is woman. Still record numbers for the  10th edition of the roman event dedicated to robots… continue to read

TG1 (March 17th , 2016) – My interview for  the national TG1 during the RomeCup in Rome with our robot built on Skype… continue to read

Make in Italy (March 15th , 2016) –”Two young makers separated “only” by 800km have built together (for the RomeCup) a robot. Whom are we talking about? Valeria Cagnina, 15, a very young makers”… continue to read

La Stampa (March 12th , 2016) – Today the inauguration with the little ones: there will be the CoderDojo (programming lessons for children) with Valeria Cagnina, the Digital Champions of Alessandria… continue to read

Radio Gold (March 11th , 2016) – Inauguration of the FabLab in Alessandria where Valeria will be  the exceptional godmother. About makers, 3D printers, laser cutter and different technology… continue to read

Che Futuro! (February 28th , 2016) – The CoderDojo Alessandria project was born thanks to Valeria Cagnina, very young Digital Champion. CoderDojo Alessandria is in San Michele, at the parish recreational centre… continue to read

Press Year 2015

LeadingMyself (22 novembre 2015) – Coltivare le proprie passioni sul web. Oggi non servono grandi mezzi, tanti soldi e possibilità esagerate. Un computer ed una connessione ad internet possono davvero cambiare la vita…. continua a leggere

Savoia Benincasa (22 novembre 2015) – Tra loro ce n’è uno molto speciale. E’ una ragazza di 14 anni, Valeria Cagnina, è la più giovane di tutti i Digital Champions e ciò fa onore a tutti gli studenti d’Italia… continua a leggere

Economyup (November 12th , 2015) – Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Italian Digital Champion and Travel Blogger – has valuated the most worthy works and has chosen the female winners… continue to read

TIM (November 10th , 2015) – Valeria Cagnina, the youngest Italian Digital Champion and Travel Blogger – has valuated the most worthy works and has chosen the female winners… continue to read

Connessione Scuola (October 26th , 2015) – As first on the stage of the opening conference have spoken Valeria Cagnina, a 14 years old blogger,… continue to read

StartupItalia (October 17th , 2015) – My complete opening intervention at the Maker Faire in the great hall of the La Sapienza University in Rome… continue to read

StartupItalia (October 16th , 2015) – My post about how I became a maker thanks to YouTube… continue to read

Maker Faire Roma (October 17th , 2015) – An event inside the Maker Faire. Stories and experiences of very young makers… continue to read

Maker Faire Roma (October 16th , 2015) – Intervention at the opening conference about how I would like the future world and how I’m building it from the maker point of view… continue to read

Huffingtonpost (October 15th 2015) – Valeria Cagnina (blogger); Massimo Banzi (Co-founder Arduino); Caterina Caselli (talent scout, music publisher and artist), Maurizio Costabeber (DWS general manager); Carlo De Benedetti (honorary chairman at Make in Italy Foundation); Dario Pagani… continue to read

Tiragraffi (15 ottobre 2015) – Interverranno: WalkMan The Robot & Roberto Cingolani (IIT – Italian Institute of Technology Genova Scientific Director), Cesare Cacitti (Maker), Valeria Cagnina (blogger), Massimo Banzi (Co-founder Arduino),… continua a leggere

Smartweek (August 12th, 2015) – Valeria Cagnina, the youngest on the list, 14 years old blogger and speaker at TEDxWomen… continue to read

AlessandriaNews (August 7th, 2015) – We already knew Valeria Cagnina (14 years old) was good. Digital native, the youngest Italian travel blogger and digital champion, she brought a wave of enthusiasm and spontaneity in the technological field – but not only – in Alessandria… continue to read (August 4th 2015) – I was listed among the 100 and over women who count more in the digital field in Italy. A great honour and a really great responsibility… continue to read

Ci vediamo alla NASA (June 3rd 2015) – My interview during the TEDxMilano Women… continue to read

Leadingmyself  (June 1st , 2015) – One of my interviews with a title who says a lot about me: Don’t flatten over the crowd, be yourselves… continue to read

Key4biz (June 1st , 2015) – Valeria Cagnina: “My story begins with the short dissertation for the third year junior high school exam when I was assigned Manzoni. I decided that I wanted to do something different and rewrite… continue to read

Huffington Post (May 29th , 2015) – Valeria Cagnina is 14 and is the youngest Italian Digital Champion, but also blogger, fond of Arduino and 3D print. She cannot help to imagine her destiny in the technology world… continue to read

Vita (May 29th , 2015) – Report of the TEDxMilanoWomen event with the quote of my participation, the link to the main event TEDWomen and explanation of what TED is… continue to read

TEDxMilanoWomen (May 28th , 2015) – Official website of the event where I was speaker talking about CoderDojo, Digital Champion, young people and many future projects… continue to read

Agenda Digital Champion (May 28th , 2015) – Marked my appointment at TEDxMilanoWomen to talk about future and innovation through my work and my projects… continue to read

Key4biz (May 27th , 2015) – My presentation as speaker at TEDxMilanoWomen as the youngest Digital Champion… continue to read

Verbania notizie (May 25th , 2015) – the presence of the 14 years old student Valeria Cagnina, form Alessandria, digital champion, who gave us through her words the evidence that the future around us can be improved communicating with a new shared culture …. continue to read

Eta Beta – Radio Uno (May 19th , 2015) – My interview for the program “Eta Beta” where I talk about my experience of CoderDojo in Alessandria, how I brought it there and about my double capacity of ninja and champion. From minute 11.42,… continue to read

Vodafone news (May 13th , 2015) – Presentation of the TEDxMilanoWomen event, the only Italian event, where I will be speaker with link to my… continue to read

Rai News (April 29th , 2015) – among them the youngest by far, the 14 years old Valeria Cagnina, from Alessandria. Among the partners… continue to read

Radio Gold Alessandria (February 19th , 2015) – An article about the presentation of CoderDojo, starting in Alessandria and about the logo digit.ALE… continue to read

Il Piccolo di Alessandria (February 10th , 2015) – My new column where I’ll answer the questions about web by a simple way for all… continue to read

DiAlessandria (January 30th 2015) – FabLab is not “white elephant”, but it’s an integral part of a vision focused on innovation contemplating also the activity of the Alessandria Open Data team work and Valeria Cagnina’s one…. continue to read

Press Year 2014

Economy Up – (December 29th , 2014) – Valeria Cagnina. Born in 2001, student and soon computer scientist, besides than regular visitor of CoderDojo, she loves building with Arduino and teach it to children. She’s the youngest Italian travel blogger. Valeria has been selected… continue to read

Alessandria News (December 11th , 2014) – Valeria Cagnina and Fabio Malagnino, Digital Champion, will talk about digital revolution and future. Cattaneo: “It’s an honour to have a young female ambassador from Alessandria among the Digital Champion… continue to read

Radio Gold (December 11th , 2014) – Valeria Cagnina is only 13, but she has been selected by the journalist Riccardo Luna as Digital Champion of her town. It’s a position established… continue to read

Corriere AL (December 11th , 2014) – Valeria, very young Digital champion from Alessandria: “When will we have a broadband connection and  WI-FI in the suburbs, too?”… continue to read

La Stampa (December 10th , 2014) – Digital Agenda: the Municipality of Alessandria recruits a 13 years old blogger student, Valeria Cagnina, who attends the Volta Institute and who will be “ambassador of the innovation”… continue to read

Ansa (November 21st , 2014) – The blogger Valeria Cagnina, 13 years old, the Digital Champions will be next to the administrators… continue to read


Youtube (November 21st , 2014) – Video of the official presentation in Rome at the Adrian temple of the first 100 Digital Champions. I am called at minute 3.50: Riccardo Luna congratulates my parents… continue to read

Corriere della Sera (November 21st 2014) – The presentation in Rome of the first 100 Italian Digital Champions. I am the youngest one nominated… continue to read

Prima online (November 21st , 2014) – The 13 years old blogger Valeria Cagnina. The Digital Champions will be next to the public administrators about the digital themes… continue to read

Notiziario Italiano (November 21st , 2014) – The 13 years old blogger Valeria Cagnina. The Digital Champions will be next to the public administrators about the digital themes, moving as… continue to read

Huffington Post (November 20th , 2014) – Nomination of the first 100 Italian Digital Champions. We’ll have a digital ambassador for every municipality… continue to read (November 20th 2014) – 8000 digital ambassadors fro Italy presented by Matteo Renzi and Riccardo Luna. My short interview… continue to read

Corriere Comunicazioni (November 20th , 2014) – Riccardo Luna presents the first 1000 Digital Champions. The aim is to arrive to have one for every Italian municipality… continue to read

Startup Italia (November 20th , 2014) – Still about the presentation of the first 100 Digital Champions. Here I am presented as blogger… continue to read

Yahoo Finanza (Novemebr 20th , 2014) – The first 100 Italian Digital Champions have been nominated, my name next to those ones of other two teenagers… continue to read

Contatto News (November 20th , 2014) – Presentation of the first Italian 100 Digital Champions, the digital as an instrument to grow up… continue to read

Crowd Innovation (November 20th , 2014) – Post about the event of the nomination of the first 100 Italian Digital Champions at the Adrian Temple: among them there’s also my name… continue to read

Dol’s Magazine (October 17th , 2014) – Today I saw Valeria at the conference “CodeIT in Rome 2014”, at the Europe Space of the European Ambassadors in Italy, Via IV Novembre 149, Rome and she taught me a lot. Her speech at Codeit was flawless! Valeria wanted… continue to read

CodeIT in Roma (October 16th , 2014) – The program of the official event on the Agid website, with my name indicated as ninja ambassador of Coderdojo… continue to read

Plurale (April 30th , 2014) – Think about the third year junior high school exam, that one with Invalsi test. And the unavoidable short dissertation. Imagine a 13 years old girl that, instead of copy and paste here and there, maybe limiting herself to Wikipedia or other, decide to use Facebook. Yes, a social network. So you find out that… continue to read

Indigeni Digitali gruppo Facebook  (April 29th , 2014) – A help request to the group about the short dissertation to take to the exam. A topic rich in cues and info… continue to read

Luca Parmitano (March 13th , 2014) – The Astronaut answers publically to my question for the  exam short dissertation. A great man and a great professional… continue to read