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Valeria Cagnina about me. Who is Valeria Cagnina?

I am Valeria Cagnina, born in 2001, fond of robotics and technology since ever, I built my first robot by myself when I was 11 watching the video on YouTube in English.

Today I try to transmit my enthusiasm and my passion to children, young people and all those ones who surround me to help them discovering a new world and above all to try making understand that nothing is impossible.

Today it’s enough a computer and an internet connection to have the world in your hands!


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Valeria Cagnina’s education

2016  – MIT di Boston. Senior Tester of the university project Duckietownn of MIT which deals with projecting vehicles able to move alone through a ducky town. I built an autonomous robot with Raspberry PI following the university tutorials. My job was to modify them, make them easier and make them usable also by the High School pupils.

2016 – LeanGap in Boston.

Summer Camp to give the young people the base instruments to create enterprises in the tech field, from the idea to the website, from the brand to the storytelling skill…

2016 – SusJam in Lubiana. Three days of full immersion where I learnt the bases of Service Design and Design Thinking.

2016 – Human Age Institute in Milano. I received the HAI Talent Award, a prize-giving as Young Talent during the presentation of novelties of the Foundation Human Age Institute in the digital field.

valeria cagnina stefano scabbio talent haward 2016 fondazione human age institute

Today I attend

2015 – . I.T.I.S. A Volta in Alessandria. I am in the fourth year Computer Scientist.

2015 – oggi. TEAM Program at TAG Innovation School in Milano. I attend a mentorship personalized program. I helped to draw and plan the Coding Generation Robotics Courses (realization of a robot with Arduino and Lego WeDo).

valeria cagnina tag innovation school milano mentor

Valeria Cagnina’s hobbies and passions

CoderDojo. I saw there my first digital plant realized with Arduino. CoderDojo Milan opened a world to me making me fond of technology, coding and hardware.

I build robots, I am co-Champion of CoderDojo Alessandria, mentioned in 2015 among the most important 100 women in Italy in the digital field.

I love travelling, I am also a travel blogger and I write in one among the most influent Family Travel Blog in Italy: I have my section Valeria’s World in my mother’s blog, Liliana Monticone.

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I love rhythmic gymnastics that I practice assiduously and I am coach since 2012, programming, painting and do-it-yourself.

I am an animator in the parish recreation centre in the hamlet where I live. I am often invited as a speaker (TEDxMilanoWomen I was 14!) or participating in some events. You find the complete list in the dedicated page: Press.

valeria cagnina speaker at ted x milano women

Contact me

Did you find my story interesting? Do you want to ask me some particular questions? Do you have some curious issues? Do you want to invite me to some events or ask me for an interview?

For this and any other need, contact me. I’ll answer you very soon!

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