States general on Innovation in Bergamo

States general on Innovation in Bergamo

states general innovation bergamo our intervention

The States General on Innovation which took place at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo on the last 19th June were a special day in the middle of so much innovation seen and experimented by thousand different ways, both by the working world and by schools.

I was speaker to tell about our story as Millennial thinking different and out of the conventional schemes and who use the net to chase goals and passions.


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states general innovation bergamo the audience

A look at the USA and MIT

The meetings opened with the visit of the Ministers of Education and Work at the several stands and immediately after the words of the Apple nr.2 dedicated to the Italian schools (and not only) were reported on the stage: We need to abandon the sciolistic learning!

states general innovation bergamo reserved seats

It’s impossible not to think about the words that few days ago Tim Cook pronounced at MIT in Boston: “I’m not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers the ability to think like humans. I’m more concerned about people thinking like computers without values or compassion or concern for the consequences.”

states general innovation bergamo audience

Only from this short introduction you can understand how it was an interesting day!

We met again people we already knew (it’s always a really great pleasure to have a debate with them) and we met really many new people.

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Besides the ministers, there were the President of Lombardy Region and several members of the Institutions. Ministers were struck by our story and our determination. They asked us questions both at the end of the meeting and during the lunch we were invited to among the really few admitted ones. We had a debate and it was a great honour.

states general innovation bergamo selfie with the minister of education

School stands and robotics in Bergamo

It was interesting to have a look around among the several projects presented at the school stands. I was particularly struck by a junior high school where robotics was taught already at the first year using instruments like Arduino and Legos.

There were also more complicated and more industrialized projects realized by the students of the high schools last years.

states general innovation bergamo stand

Make net and innovate in

I am really happy to have had the chance to participate and tell about me to this event because it was a really great growth’s opportunity and a way to make net with other people who innovate in Italy.

This event also allowed me to understand a bit better the Lombard reality and the situation of innovation in the region, which is the engine of Italy in this field.

states general innovation bergamo stand

Guys! As always I repeat to you, look online for what you are fond of most, learn more you can in the field you prefer to create by yourself and do the job which will satisfy you. And always remember that nothing is impossible if you really believe it!

A heartfelt thank you to Domenico Ioppolo for the very welcome invitation.

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