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All our robotics, tech and digital courses,

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Robotics tech and digital courses

We offer many and different robotics, tech and digital courses all over the year, where you can focus on what you are interested more.

Our offer is really variegated among courses, meetings, labs and paths and it turns mainly to:

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Team building and team working are offered in small and medium-sized companies of the area, as well in big realities. With our labs we were at Cisco (with Managers) and at Michelin.

We use robotics by a creative way to teach working valorizing everyone’s skills and not the hierarchical scale.

We can schedule meetings from few hours until more days/weekends, or structured paths to build more complex robots.



In our introductory motivational speech, we show how we arrived to the same result and the same goals starting from completely different paths.

Failure can be seen as an excuse to stop and abandon projects and dreams, or as a spring to disrupt one’s own life without preconceptions (like when Francesco tells about the job interview he did with me when I was 16!).

What we want to demonstrate – with passion and enthusiasm – is that the right moment to do things is here and now. And there are no excuses.


Children and teens

Our courses for children and teens are thought for 3 years old children (so not literate yet) until teens.

Spot events or structured paths lasting some lessons or all over the year every week.

During our Sunday labs we make build a robot in few hours. These are events where we highlight the educational aspect through a little scene, a part of a film or a song, analyzing each time technology, social networks and their use, time and/or choices management, critical spirit…and even much more.



We often make heterogeneous groups at age level to teach team working and reverse mentoring.

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Science, Chemistry and Physics can be interesting and curious subjects. Robotics – at the different levels according to age – will act as corollary to all the different courses available. Password is: learn enjoying oneself!


Events and fairs

Thanks to a skilled and prepared staff working well in team, we are able to welcome important numbers to our stands for great events and fairs, according to requests.

Agencies, cultural associations, groups of parents, libraries, museums, playrooms, sports associations, ONLUS…and anyone organizing small and big events can contact us to study together the best workshop project and labs – dedicated to all age groups – with different duration and difficulty, which can take place also at the weekends and in the public holidays.



Our courses turn to teachers of all levels, starting from kindergarten.

We offer individual and group lessons in our classroom and we hold courses at the public schools (certified by MIUR) and at the private ones, to give them tools to replicate technology in class by a quick way and above all our idea of school, which has to be funny and never boring.

As our 10th rule states: if teens are looking at their smartphones during lessons, we have to blame ourselves because we were not able to be interesting and involve them! A difficult goal to reach without the right instruments, but always remember that Nothing is impossible!



We offer single interventions, some meetings or structured paths all over the school year. Dreamers (who takes part into our activities) enjoy themselves and discover a nice way to learn and teachers can see our educational method applied on the field.

According to age and number of participants, we activate robotics, STEAM, tech and digital labs and meetings of different levels…



Are you a curious person and interested in software, hardware and robotics? Our courses meet with specific professional and deepener needs or simple approach to the software, hardware and robotics world.