My Summer at MIT in Boston, the most prestigious university in the world

My Summer at MIT in Boston, the most prestigious university in the world

As all of you who follow me know I spent last Summer at MIT in Boston.

The first part at Leangap, a summer camp where the two of us were the only ones no native English, and the second part spent Summer at MIT Duckietown in Boston as senior testers.


Summer at MIT in Boston

Our task was to make the university tutorials easier to make them usable also by the students of the high schools.

Inspire the young people to chase their own dreams

The idea was to demonstrate that through passion and determination and really many will to “exert oneself”, everything can be feasible. And so make other young people like us want to use the net to realize their own dreams. Always I always tell this to the students of my courses.

For us Boston was a fairytale become reality. If you want to deepen the matter of our experience in Boston, you find really useful info also in this post.

Difficulties and satisfactions

It wasn’t always easy, not always it was a piece of cake. Being alone, under age (with all the logistic problems) working full time at Duckietown and then have to run the daily life in our apartment: food, do the shopping, do the washing…sometimes it was difficult.

But every difficulty vanished little by little my goals were got. You can’t imagine my satisfaction when I saw my robot move for the first time!

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About Boston, If you are interested in this aspect about the cheap Boston with many tips for free activities, I had written this post.

Enjoy the show! And…please, tell me what you think about it.

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