Mentor at the Manpower hackathon

Mentor at the Manpower hackathon

This year the Manpower hackathon has had two great challenges.

As you know, I am Human Age Institute Talent Ambassador and I take part into several very interesting events organized by this foundation.

manpower hackathon in milan my team won

Manpower hackathon

The latest one took place some time ago when – I must admit, with my great astonishment – I was called to take part into the hackathon organized together with Tree, an innovative start-up.

Why was I astonished? Because I was asked to take part into it not as a participant, but even as a mentor.

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Invited as a mentor at the Manpower hackathon

I immediately accepted, thrilled, even if at the beginning I didn’t know well what my task was.

Just arrived they immediately told me the essential things I had to know.

There were two types of mentors: the Tree ones and those who belonged to other organizations.

After a short introduction made by a Tree mentor, the organization of the “Shilder” team was left in my hands.

manpower hackathon in milan my team won

The Shilder Team at work

I have to tell you that acting as mentor (it was the first time I did it at an Hackthon) I was helped really a lot by the soft skills I learnt at the two Design Thinking Jams I took part into in Ljubljana and Munich (I had already talked them).

The challenges to solve were two: one about the Aging and the other one about the Smart Working.

My team had to measure itself with the aging. We started from the problems analysis: we selected two of them to arrive as far as finding some feasible solutions.

In the middle of the day we proposed the challenges the selection of our two problems with their own solutions in order to get their feedback and know how solution was better to focus on, according to them.

Challengers – the people who proposed the challenges – came from SEA (the company running the Malpensa and Linate Airports) and a pharmaceutical company.

manpower hackathon in milan my team won

Focus the solutions at Manpower hackathon

The afternoon was dedicated to make our idea more detailed and prepare ourselves for the final speech which had to last 3 minutes max and have a particular format slides. About it, too, I was helped a lot by my really many interventions in public.

The team whose I was the mentor was made up of really helpful people, full of energy, will to measure oneself, of any age group and with different backgrounds.

All this created a prefect mix which allowed to collaborate by the best way, pulling out the best of everyone.

Prize-giving at the Manpower hackathon

At the end – as it occurs in all hackathons – there was the prize-giving, with a jury evaluating every idea according to three different parameters. I hope a bit to win, but I didn’t count on it too much, since it was my first time as a mentor.

manpower hackathon in milan my team won

We won!

A boundless happiness, I was over the moon! It didn’t seem true to have got a such goal!

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But the evening had in store other surprises, when we were communicated the prized awarded.

A course about the soft skills, but above all a mentoring period in a Tree company to improve our idea.

Actually, the prize had to be given only to the participants (and not to me, too, since I acted as a mentor), but – since my particular position due to my age – with my great happiness, the team wanted me onboard, too, because I “was really a good mentor”. So the organizers accepted!

I cannot wait to start this mentoring path. Entering the companies is always the best way to learn on the field!

manpower hackathon in milan my team won

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