Learn free online: Power U Digital

Learn free online: Power U Digital

There are several websites and platforms where you can learn free online what will serve to us as young people in our future, above all in the work field.

Learn free online: Power U

According to me, one of them is Power U Digital by Human Age Istitute: it traces a general view and allows to learn by a funny and interactive way.

We can define this platform a space of opportunities. It’s possible to learn really many things about the digital and technological world, computers, nets and social networks.

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A modern and updated space starting from the bases, explaining for example how a computer is done, how surfing the net and how to use the social networks.

It’s very interesting the part showing all the jobs related to these matters.

They are interactive and involving lessons besides to be linked to actuality: several videos come from YouTube and there are some tests at the end of every videos, quiz and references portals to deepen every subject.

Learn in English

Everything is explained by a simple way in English. Yes, in English. Because no profession can be done by the young people without a very good knowledge of English.

On this platform you will be able to cultivate and develop your talent besides to invest in the future.


The course aims to develop 8 key skills: 8 formation courses with a multimedia content to develop precise strategic skills.

Other doors open

Go directly on the website to discover what other doors could open for you at the end!

The best talents will be able to enter the companies of the whole Europe to enjoy job experiences abroad. A very good reason to take part into it, don’t you think?

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The 8 key skills

What are the 8 key skills?

  • Learn to learn,
  •  Communicate by your native language,
  •  Communicate by a foreign language,
  •  Base skills in Maths, Technology and Science,
  •  Civic and social responsibility,
  •  Initiative and entrepreneurialism,
  •  Cultural awareness,
  •  Digital skills.

No preliminary knowledge is required and lessons are fit also for people who never did something in the digital field.

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Only the will to learn together with a computer and an internet connection are required.

Ah! I forgot the most important thing: everything is completely free! High quality completely free.

What are you waiting for to begin? Enjoy your work!

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