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Send me your questions and doubts any moment you want and I’ll answer you asap. It will be easy to get ahead alone, at home, with your projects.

Labs and workshop

To learn on the field working in a team. Today there’s a great demand of these soft skills that hardly your child or teen experiments daily.

Tools used

Arduino, Ozobot, LegoWeDo, Scratch, Raspberry Pi…it doesn’t matter what tools you’ll choose to use, you’ll learn Logic.

Learn enjoying yourself

Innovative labs to get close technology in a funny and interactive way. From a simple viewer you’ll become an active user.

Technology and dexterity

Start to understand the working’s principles of the technological objects around you. Develop creativity and curiosity.


It’s the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It applies Maths, Science, Physics and Geometry principles to the Information Technology.

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What am I doing now?

Some news about me, new projects, events, info and curious issues from the tech world, opportunities, cues, things to do and even more. You find everything in the blog I’ll update very frequently!

A coffee with…Stefano Scabbio meets Pietro Guindani

Stefano Scabbio met Pietro Guindani at the Human Age Institute Talent Talk. A morning spent in Milan to learn listening to people who have rea

JeffConf: let’s go meet Serverless

Serverless is only a name…we can call it Jeff! By this sentence the JeffConf starts: it’s a great conference about Serverless whic

Digital Factories: Massimo Temporelli in Alessandria

Industry 4.0 and Digital Factories: last Monday 25th September, Alessandria had the honour to guest Massimo Temporelli, The FabLab creator, arriv

In Lausanne as a mentor at an entrepreneurs summer camp

Another adventures of mine begun by the most normal way…I received a call. In Lausanne as a mentor at a summer camp By a very simple

I introduce you the Strandbeest!

Have you ever heard about them? What are the Strandbeest? The Strandbeest are wonderful creatures which look like to come out fairytale worlds.

My robotics summer camps in Alessandria

My robotics summer camps were born from a simple request to continue my robotics courses in Summer, too, without stopping them. And from t

My robots in Modena: only girls!

My robots in Modena. Yes. Even there! Too often we hear the young people of the high schools are lazy, that they want to spend the whole summe

My drones in Brussels at the Boeing summer camp

My drones in Brussels at the Boeing summer camp One day I received a call while I was taking part into an hackathon…I wasn’t able to answe

The Millennial at the Class Digital Week

The Millennial are a theme people hear really a lot about, everyone says its own opinion in a positive way more or less. But how much do really p

Mentor at the Manpower hackathon

This year the Manpower hackathon has had two great challenges. As you know, I am Human Age Institute Talent Ambassador and I take part into se

My robots at the summer camp in Piedmont

Summer is coming and I get through the summer camps in Piedmont with my robots! My will to transmit robotics to children hasn’t stopped even

My stand at the MakersTown in Brussels

One day my phone rang. I received an English call where I am asked my availability to participate at the MakersTown in Brussels, a makers faire.

States general on Innovation in Bergamo

The States General on Innovation which took place at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo on the last 19th June were a special day in the middle of so

In Verbania two days of innovation!

Verbania for 2 days became town of innovation and I had the honour to take part into it as speaker. In that conferences room there were many p

Service Design and Design Thinking at Jam in Munich

Design Thinking and Service Design have bewitched me since I discovered them. If you have read a bit of me and you’re following me online, y

At Cisco with my robots!

At Cisco with my robots! Do you know Cisco? Cisco is a world leader company in the IT field helping other companies to catch the new opportunitie